How Does An Ignition Interlock Work?


Blow into the ignition interlock device before starting your vehicle. If the sample meets the state requirement, it will start.


Ignition Interlock installation is easy with our experts. Find an installer near you.


Your ignition interlock device will need to be serviced every 30, 60, or 90 days. Service dates will vary by state.

How Much Does An Ignition Interlock Cost?

Typically an interlock program costs $2.50-$3.50 a day. Basic costs include the installation, the lease of the device, any mandatory state fees and the cost to calibrate the device and share the data with your state monitoring authority on a regular basis. Contact us to find out about the cost of an interlock in your state and mention the LS2021free offer at 844-256-7008 to receive $25 off your first month.

Where Can I Get An Ignition Interlock Installed?

LifeSafer has many convenient locations in your state and near you. We offer Saturday and same-day appointments. Contact LifeSafer Customer Support Expert today to get you started and your interlock device installation scheduled.