About Us

ESA has been the leading provider of electronic monitoring services for the Kansas City metro area since 1998. We offer a broad assortment of monitoring systems designed for comfort and convenience that provide varying degrees of freedom so you can make the most of each day while fulfilling legal requirements.” We understand that using a monitoring system is an inconvenience, but we work hard to make everyone who comes through our door sees the process as simply a step – in many cases, a first step – in the right direction. We take special care to explain our solutions so people can walk out of our office, and back into their life with a clear understanding of how things work, and hope for a bright future.”

“This one step – choosing a goal and sticking to it – changes everything.” – Scott Reed

Services Offered

  • 24×7 Alcohol Monitoring
  • Remote Breath
  • House Arrest
  • GPS Tracking / Victim Notification App
  • TouchPoint App
  • Drug Patch
  • Hair Testing
  • Urine Drug Testing / Lab Confirmation
  • CourtFact mobile App
  • Air Mobile/ Air Check-In App


“My experience with ESA was excellent. The staff was very accommodating to any situation that arose during the time I was being monitored. They offer easy and convenient ways to complete court ordered monitoring through their company. Also, my GPS anklet was light and more comfortable than I imagined it would be.
My brother used this service and expressed his thanks and gratitude of how kind and professional this company was. There were issues, but every single time he reported them, Esa did everything to fix the issue and quickly get him setup with everything he needed.
As a family member of someone who has to wear a monitoring system, I appreciate and also thank Esa for taking good care of my brother.”