About Us

Sanctuary Insurance Services, LLC. was founded to provide customers with easy access to insurance policies at affordable rates. For clients looking for vehicle insurance, we work with carriers that are forgiving for violations like DUI, Reckless Driving, and Exhibition of Speed. Beyond finding the best possible options for insurance policies, we desire to constantly provide a personalized service. Each client is assigned an agent that will continue to service the policy throughout its life.
For clients who find us while needing to reinstate driving privileges, our agents are extremely well-versed in the DMV license reinstatement process and share their knowledge and expertise to help guide through the procedures involved in returning a driver’s license to a valid status.

Services Offered

  • SR-22 Insurance


“Probably the best experience I’ve ever had as far as insurance goes. Kyle is a pleasure to work with, and went above and beyond to get me the services I needed. He is prompt and professional, top notch customer service. He made the processsuper simple. Excellent service, extremely low rate. A diamond in the rough.”

-Nicolas Santander, Customer