About SCRAM of California

For the past 12 years we have delivered self-sustaining programs that utilize the newest and greatest state of the art monitoring and testing technologies geared toward offender management and rehabilitation. We provide full-service home detention and electronic monitoring programs. We specialize in monitoring DUI offenders, and other alcohol-related crimes, however we are experienced in monitoring all types of offenders. We are focused on servicing courts and agencies throughout Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, and Nevada, and we work directly with courts, attorneys, probation departments, sheriffs, and other agencies to keep communities safe, ensure compliance with court-ordered abstinence, and promote clients long-term behavioral change. 

Services Offered

  • Continuous Alcohol Monitoring 
  • Remote Breath Monitoring 
  • GPS Monitoring 
  • House Arrest Monitoring 
  • Drunk Driving Program 
  • Sobriety Program