About Us

WCS is a large non-profit providing over 50 programs across Southeastern Wisconsin with over 500 employees. The organization is celebrating its 110-year anniversary. The mission of WCS is to advocate for justice and community safety while providing innovative opportunities for individuals to overcome adversity. WCS has two primary program divisions, Behavioral Health Services and Court & Community Reintegration Services. Please visit our website for more information.

Services Offered

  • Court monitoring programs- pretrial and post-conviction (youth and adult) to include Drug and Alcohol Treatment Courts
  • Pretrial Supervision
  • Intoxicated Driver Intervention program
  • Day Report Centers
  • Electronic Monitoring and Drug Testing
  • Substance Use and Mental Health Treatment


“I was heavily drinking for 6 months. Before that I had 11 months of sobriety and prior to that I drank heavily on and off for 16 years. SCRAM allowed me to get sober along with Rodgers detox and stay sober for the first three months of my sobriety which was the most difficult months physically. I was able to get and stay sober. I was also able to obtain some of my  health back, as well as gain employment.”