Excellent and gentle service, at a tough time in life. LifeSafer's intake at the toll-free number was efficient and expertly handled. Then, they received the paperwork from the court, and all was in order for my installation. They even caught one of my mistakes in time for me to fix it with the court. The installation was handled right on time and I was on my way in less than the advertised time. The information on how to use the system was thorough and I went from being very nervous about the procedure to being completely comfortable.

LifeSafer Client

Very impressed with the service I received from call center rep Sharon. She called multiple installers before securing a same day appointment for me. I had paid $60+ to Intoxalock and received the run around for 2 weeks. They were never able to schedule an appt and took days to return a call. They also lost my paperwork. Thank you!

LifeSafer Client

Joe was diligent, answered all my questions and available by phone at all times.

LifeSafer Client