Driving Illegally Without an Interlock?

When the order comes to install an ignition interlock, some people take the risk of not complying. But not installing a required interlock could be the worst decision of your life.

Man-Reading-Interlock-OrderDriving under suspension without a required interlock is illegal — the laws in every state are clear about that. Breaking those laws can carry serious consequences that will haunt you for years:

  • Substantial fines, going into the thousands of dollars
  • Jail time – as much as six months in some states
  • Points added to your driving record in states with that system
  • Longer suspension periods
  • Possibly felony charges. Convicted felons are unable to vote, own firearms, run for office, or run certain types of business
  • Higher insurance premiums
  • Impounding of your vehicle

Did You Know?

In some states, if you drive under suspension and are arrested, ANY amount of alcohol in your system — even if it’s under the legal limit — can lead to another DUI conviction, and the resulting longer suspensions, larger fines and, in some states, extensive jail time.African American Parents Giving Children Piggyback Rides

Did You Know?

Clients report that an ignition interlock actually saves them money, as alcohol bills go down. With an average cost of less than $3.00 per day, an interlock costs less per day than one drink at a bar.

It’s not worth it.
By driving without an interlock, you aren’t “beating the system” – you’re risking the loss of everything that’s really important to you. An interlock provides a way to regain your driving privileges legally and safely. It keeps you within the law, and helps you, your loved ones and the public avoid the tragic and life-altering consequences of drinking and driving.