Ignition Interlock Laws in Utah

Utah StateSealUtah laws require the installation of an ignition interlock device for all DUI convictions.

Depending on how severe your offense is, your license will either be suspended (i.e. your driving privileges will be temporarily taken away by the DMV) or revoked (i.e. your license is taken away by the court and you must apply for a new one, including tests)

  • Your license will be suspended for most DUI offenses, as well as for some reckless or unlawful conduct
  • Your license will be revoked for a second or subsequent DUI conviction, manslaughter or negligent homicide while driving, and other serious offenses
  • Generally, the interlock must be installed for 18 months for a driver over 21, and 3 years for a driver under 21. Those with prior DUI offenses, a violation related to an already-installed interlock, and those who refuse a chemical test or commit some other violations will be required to use an interlock for 3 years
  • Felony DUIs require an interlock for 6 years, and automobile homicide will result in a 10-year interlock restriction
  • When you are arrested, your license will be confiscated and replaced with a temporary license that expires in 29 days
  • Your vehicle will probably be impounded.
  • If you are ordered to install an interlock and are caught driving without one, you could go to jail and face fines of up to $1940, as well as loss of license for 1 year and an interlock restriction for an additional 3 years

Steps to Regaining Your License in Utah


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