Are All Ignition Interlock Blow Patterns Alike?

The short answer is “no” not all blow patterns are alike. There are three basic patterns, for the most part, in the interlock industry:

The blow and hum pattern is the easiest to learn and produces a quality breath sample. So what does that mean to you?

Not every interlock provider chooses to use this particular blow pattern. Most providers use either the blow-inhale-blow or the straight blow pattern. The blow-inhale-blow is more difficult to master, thus increasing the risk of annoying aborted tests.

While not specifically related to blow patterns, State requirements have some influence on how an ignition interlock is designed to get sufficient breath samples. 

Here’s what most states need:

It might be a bit geeky, but let’s talk about industry certifications? This really has more to do with overall reliability and accuracy than just blow patterns. Success in your interlock program requires an ignition interlock device that performs accurately and reliably. If a device has passed the rigors of testing required by the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), then you can rest assured it received top marks in those two categories.

LifeSafer’s Ignition Interlock devices have a blow and hum pattern and meet all of the above requirements. Each device:

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