Easy, Reliable
and Affordable

The L250 Ignition Interlock Device — The Most Discreet Interlock Available

The L250 Ignition Interlock is our smallest handset with the most reliable technology. It’s designed to prevent you from being able to start your vehicle until you pass the alcohol test. This vehicle ignition interlock device has an easy blow pattern (deep inhale, blow and hum a consistent tone) and a simple screen.

At LifeSafer, we invest in our technology to make sure you get the most reliable devices at the lowest priceSome states might require a camera along with your device. We’ll help you navigate your options and choose one that will keep you in compliance.

Having an ignition interlock device (IID) can give you the freedom to get back out on the road again. These devices, which are also commonly known as car breathalyzers, are able to quickly test and detect any alcohol levels present in the driver’s breath.

Whether installed following a DUI or voluntarily added as a safety feature, this device won’t let your vehicle start if it detects a specific level of alcohol. If you’re sober, you’ll be good to go.

Our Interlock Devices

At LifeSafer, we’re proud to be a premier provider of car ignition interlock devices. For over 30 years, we’ve been helping drivers stay safe and compliant with our affordable, accessible and easy-to-use IIDs.

We understand that you’re looking for a device that fits your needs and lifestyle. Because most drivers prefer a discreet system, we offer some of the smallest available on the market. We’re approved to provide ignition interlock devices in 45 states.

We have over 1,200 service locations, and we offer drivers support every step of the way. We make it easy to find a system that fits your needs and meets your state’s legal requirements.


Blow and hum into the device to register an effective test. No tricky inhale-exhale blow patterns to deal with.


The straightforward display provides clear and easy-to-read instructions.


Large, limited buttons make for simple, intuitive operation.

LifeSafer L250 User Guide
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Easy, Reliable
and Affordable

The Fc100 Interlock Device — A Simple, Reliable Interlock Unit

This interlock device is a simple, reliable interlock unit that fits comfortably and discreetly in the hand. It requires you to complete a breath test, which measures your Breath Alcohol Content (BrAC), to determine whether or not your state will allow you to start your vehicle.

Our quick guide makes it easy to understand the light patterns and get you blowing and going on your way.

How to Use the Fc100 Ignition Interlock Device

The Fc100 works similarly to the L250 Ignition Interlock Device. To get started, turn the ignition switch on and wait for the device to warm up. When the sensor is ready and the light turns green, begin blowing. This device also features a camera, which could be required depending on where you live.

Once your test is complete, you’ll receive your results:

  • Pass (green): The test has been successfully completed and you can start your vehicle.
  • Fail (red): Your alcohol level is above the predetermined amount. You won’t be able to start your vehicle.
  • Warning (orange): Some alcohol has been detected during the test.



Blow into the device to register an effective test.


Red and green lights quickly communicate at a glance blow, wait, abort, pass, warn or fail.


No buttons!

LifeSafer FC100
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