How Do I Get An Ignition Interlock Device (iid) Installed In Alabama?

When can I get my IID installed?

In Alabama, an IID is required in most instances but the requirements can be different based on the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level and whether it is your 1st offense or subsequent offenses. It is best to get an ignition interlock device (sometimes referred to as a breathalyzer) installed as soon as possible after a 1st offense in order to avoid license suspension:

For information on subsequent convictions and how to install an ignition interlock, visit: 

How do I get an interlock license in Alabama?

First and foremost, you will need to serve any jail time the court requires. As noted above, for a 1st offense, installing an IID will stay any suspension. For a subsequent conviction, however, there’s generally some suspension period. You will also need to attend DUI school if required.

Next, file a Request for Reinstatement Requirements (DI-46A). Fill out the form and mail it to: 

Driver License Division
PO Box 1471
Montgomery, AL 36102. 

You will receive a list of requirements from the DLD which are needed to reinstate your license.

Contact your insurance company to get proof of SR-22 insurance which is required before you install your IID.

You can now schedule an interlock device installation. Call LifeSafer at 800-634-3077 to find an Authorized Service Provider close to you. 

After installation the technician will provide you with a certificate that confirms your device is installed and ready to use. The technician will also make sure you are thoroughly trained in the use of your IID and will set a reminder in your device for the first calibration appointment.

Take that certificate to your nearest Alabama Drivers License Office as proof of installation. Call 334-242-4400 to find the closest location for license reinstatement.

LifeSafer provides online resources to guide you through the steps of license recovery:

How can I find a LifeSafer Ignition Interlock location?

Contact our Customer Support Team at 800-634-3077 and they will find the closest location to you or you can use the Alabama Location finder.    

What information do I need to bring to my installation?

LifeSafer has online resources to get you prepared for your installation:

Ready to get started? Call 800-634-3077 today and a Customer Support Expert will be happy to help you get started. Ask them about our current offers and discounts.

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