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How does a car breathalyzer work?

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Understanding How a Car Breathalyzer Works

An in-car breathalyzer, is better known as an ignition interlock device, and is a hand held device that is installed into your car to detect alcohol on a driver’s breath. It ensures that the driver cannot start their car if alcohol is detected. The breathalyzer device is one of the most effective solutions in the fight against drunk driving. In fact, extensive studies have shown that breathalyzers have successfully reduced repeat DUI offenses by a remarkable 70%, making our roads safer for everyone.

In this article we will highlight these devices and answer the most popular questions:  How exactly do these breathalyzers work? What happens when alcohol is detected? How reliable and accurate are they? This life-saving technology plays a key role in keeping the roads, and the people driving on them, safe.

What is a Car Breathalyzer?

A car breathalyzer, also known as an ignition interlock device, measures the blood alcohol content (BAC) in a driver’s breath. It is often ordered mandatory by a judge after someone gets a DUI . Once it is installed into the car, it prevents the car from starting if the driver’s BAC is above the preset limit. But how exactly does this device work?

How Does a Car Breathalyzer Work?

When you blow into the car breathalyzer, it analyzes your breath sample to determine your BAC. This is typically determined by your state’s laws. If your BAC is below the set limit, the device allows the car to start. However, if your BAC is above the limit, the ignition interlock device prevents the engine from starting.

Can a Car Breathalyzer Drain Your Battery?

No, a properly installed car breathalyzer does not significantly drain your car battery. Pushing the tech frontier, Lifesafer delivers top-tier ignition interlock devices that combine innovation with reliability.

What BAC Will Cause a Vehicle with an Ignition Interlock Device Not to Start?

The specific BAC limit that triggers the ignition interlock device varies by state and device model, but it’s typically set at around .02%. If a breath sample exceeds this limit, the device will lock the vehicle’s ignition, preventing it from starting.

Do I Have to Start My Car Every Day with an Interlock Device?

While it’s not necessary to start your car every day, it is crucial to use your vehicle regularly when an ignition interlock device is installed. Regular use ensures that the car’s battery remains charged and the device stays functional.

How Do I Put My Interlock in Sleep Mode?

Unlike other devices that can quickly drain your battery, Lifesafer Ignition Interlocks are pre-programed to automatically enter sleep mod. There is no need to adjust the device manually. You can read more about that here, specifically if you have questions about your IID and cold weather.

What Happens If You Unplug Your Breathalyzer?

Unplugging or tampering with your breathalyzer is strongly discouraged. It can lead to a violation report being sent to your monitoring authority, which could result in penalties or extended usage requirements. Always consult your service provider for any necessary device adjustments.

Remember, these guidelines are here to help you make the most of your ignition interlock device. Knowing your car breathalyzer inside and out sets you up for smooth sailing and safer trips. Consistency is key: keep those wheels turning regularly. Nervous about meddling with the device? Don’t be – it’s best left untouched. Stumped or got a question? Lifesafer is just a call away and always ready to help.

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