Is My Ignition Interlock Camera Spying On Me?

Privacy is a huge and growing concern.  The barrage of personal information easily found by a simple Google search can seem overwhelming.   If you are required to have a camera equipped ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle by court or Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) order, you may wonder if you are being constantly monitored by that camera.

A growing number of monitoring agencies require camera installation in your vehicle as an additional anti-circumvention device.   Capturing a photo of the person who is providing the breath sample confirms that the vehicle’s driver is also the person blowing into the car breathalyzer.

So is the camera spying on you?  An ignition interlock camera only takes pictures at designated times.  Typically when a user is powering up the interlock, taking the test, and starting the vehicle. Those photos are downloaded with the other ignition interlock data at the regular monitoring and calibration appointment. The images are checked, and if no irregularities are spotted, all is well.

It’s important to note too that LifeSafer Ignition Interlock takes your data privacy very seriously.   State regulations impose tight restrictions on your personal data when using an interlock and our redundant data security protocols ensure that all information is encrypted and only shared with authorized personnel.

The ultimate answer to the question about the in car camera is that it  will not capture anything else that you do in your car or truck. The ignition interlock and its camera has only one purpose: to ensure that the vehicle’s driver is sober while behind the wheel. Once that job is done, you can enjoy your sober drive, and your privacy.

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