Is My Ignition Interlock Camera Spying on Me?

ignition interlock camera doesn't spy on youWe’re living in an age when everyone is a media star: we all have photos and updates on Facebook, home videos on YouTube, and our resumes on LinkedIn. But there are times when we want to stay under the radar.

If you have an ignition interlock installed in your vehicle by court or DMV order after a drunk driving conviction, you might have a camera installed as well. It depends on the state, or the county, and in some places on the decision of a judge, but there’s a good chance that whenever you blow into your interlock, an ignition interlock camera is photographing you.

Some users worry that the camera is there to spy on the user. In fact, the reason for the camera is to insure that the person taking the breath test is the one who should be taking the test. There’s always the possibility that a user will have been drinking, and is able to persuade a friend to take the breath test.

ignition-interlock-camera-lifesaferBut there’s no need to worry. An ignition interlock camera only takes pictures at designated times, usually a user is powering up the interlock, taking the test, and starting the vehicle. Those photos are downloaded with the other interlock data at the regular monitoring and calibration appointment. The images are checked, and if no irregularities are spotted, life goes on.

So the camera will not capture anything else that you do in your car or truck. The ignition interlock has only one purpose: to ensure that the vehicle’s driver is sober while behind the wheel. Once that job is done, you can enjoy your sober drive, and your privacy. You and your secrets will both be safe.