Keep Yourself And Others Safe During The Memorial Day Weekend

Kicking off summer always starts with the Memorial Day Weekend. As some businesses, restaurants, parks, and beaches across the country are beginning to open up again, people will be anxious to get out of the house. For roughly 2.5 months, most people have been very good to follow state-mandated guidelines for staying home and staying safe during this pandemic. Now that the lid is beginning to come off, exercising some caution this Memorial Day Weekend will ensure that family, friends, and loved ones stay safe. 

The National Safety Council estimates that more than 350 people may die on U.S. roads this Memorial Day Weekend. Typically, about one-third of all fatal vehicle accidents result from alcohol or impaired drivers. Weekends like this one usually see that percentage rise up to 40%. The fact of the matter is that these accidents can be avoided if we are all vigilantly responsible for ourselves and others when it comes to alcohol consumption. We can all have fun and still be safe.

Be Responsible When Drinking

Everyone has heard it, “Drink Responsibly” is etched into our brains. In general, this means knowing your limit when it comes to drinking every time you drink. It also means driving after drinking is never a good choice. You can use a responsible drinking calculator to estimate how a drink or two will affect you or even how long it takes for the alcohol to leave your system, but the bottom line is, it’s just safer if you don’t drive at all. Even a small amount of alcohol can put you and others in harm’s way. 

Uber/Lyft/Taxi – Let someone else drive for you!

The reality is, you don’t have to drive after drinking. There are many other options that keep everyone safe. You have at least one of the apps on your phones, don’t you? Arrange for a pick-up time and let someone else do the driving. Share the cost with your friends. It’s a lot cheaper than paying for the cost of an alcohol-related driving violation. Not even having a car with you means nobody is tempted to drive. So plan ahead – don’t drive.

Designated Drivers Work

This simple system saves thousands of lives each year in the US. It’s a three-day weekend. Designate a different person each day to be the one to keep everyone else safe. Anyone in your group who has consumed alcohol should feel free to have that person be their taxi driver. 

Stay in/Stay Safe

Whether you are staying home this weekend or have booked a house at the beach, staying in after drinking is always a safe solution. Plenty of activities can be planned around staying in for the evening. Make sure there’s room for all to spend the night if necessary. BYOSB – Bringing Your Own Sleeping Bag is a safe option.

Be safe around water too!

Remember too that watercraft are not any safer to operate under the influence than cars. The same rules apply. Have a sober driver to ensure everyone safely has a good time.

Plan non-drinking activities

It’s a long weekend. Why not plan a sports event, a long hike, or check out a museum (if they are open). This is a great thing to do at the end of the long weekend when things are winding down and people have to get up the next day to go to work (or work from home).

Do your part to make this Memorial Day Weekend the safest for you and your loved ones. Visit to find more information about the dangers of driving under the influence and the cost of getting an alcohol-related driving violation. 

Mistakes happen, right? If you or someone you know gets convicted for an alcohol-related offense, give us a call at 800-634-3077 and we will guide you through the process of regaining your freedom to drive.

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