Side-by-side comparison image of LifeSafer and Guardian Ignition Interlock Devices, highlighting their size, design, and user-friendly interfaces.

LifeSafer VS Guardian: The Cost and Feature Breakdown


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Choosing an ignition interlock device (IID) can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with the financial, time, and legal constraints that typically follow a DUI conviction. You want a reliable, accurate, and cost-effective device while ensuring minimal interference with your daily routine. Two popular choices in the market today are LifeSafer and Guardian. This article aims to compare the cost and features of these two brands to assist you in making an informed decision.

Introducing LifeSafer Ignition Interlock

LifeSafer Ignition Interlock, also known as a car breathalyzer, is an innovative tool designed to prevent drunk driving and ensure road safety. By requiring the driver to blow into a small tube before starting the car, it checks for any alcohol on their breath. If any alcohol is detected, the car won’t start.

The standout feature of LifeSafer is its unique blend of advanced technology and user-friendly operation, making it one of the most reliable and accurate IIDs on the market today. With our exceptional customer service and support, LifeSafer provides an unmatched customer experience.

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LifeSafer vs. Guardian: Pricing

LifeSafer prides itself on transparent pricing, ensuring you know all associated ignition interlock costs upfront. We provide detailed breakdowns of installation fees, monthly fees, and additional charges, helping you avoid unexpected expenses. Moreover, we offer financial assistance programs to ensure your safety remains our top priority.

Guardian Ignition Interlock, too, boasts competitive pricing and reliable equipment. However, they may require a deposit, a cost you won’t encounter with LifeSafer. Find more ignition interlock state information.

LifeSafer vs. Guardian: User Experience

When it comes to the daily use of your IID, ease of use should be a crucial factor in your decision-making. In this aspect, LifeSafer truly shines. Our device, recognized for its straightforward blow pattern and user-friendly design, boasts a discreet size and high-tech features.

Guardian Ignition Interlock also offers an easy-to-use system with its small, discreet device. It uses the latest fuel cell alcohol-specific technology to ensure accurate results. However, their blow pattern may require inhaling, a step not needed with LifeSafer’s simple Blow/Hum Only method.

Learn more about the easy-to-use LifeSafer Ignition Interlock Device.

LifeSafer vs. Guardian: Accuracy and Reliability

Both LifeSafer and Guardian devices boast a high degree of accuracy and reliability. With LifeSafer, you’re assured the smallest, most discreet car breathalyzer in the market, employing the latest, most accurate technology. LifeSafer devices also provide the benefit of efficient internal heaters, preventing car battery drain and offering a warm-up feature.

While Guardian also promises an alcohol-specific, fuel cell-based device ensuring consistent accuracy, the compactness and reliability of LifeSafer devices are unparalleled in the industry.

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Choosing the right ignition interlock device is crucial in regaining your driving freedom after a DUI conviction. With LifeSafer, you choose a brand known for its ease of use, reliability, and customer service. We understand your challenges and are committed to helping you navigate this journey with minimal inconvenience.

If you have more questions about the LifeSafer device, don’t hesitate to call us at 800-276-9593 for more information or visit our FAQs page.

 LifeSafer Device versus the larger Intoxalock device.
Image illustrating the pros and cons of the compact LifeSafer Device compared to the Smart Start interlock device

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