New Mexico Drunk Driving PSA Gains National Attention

Much of the fight against drunk driving takes place in people’s minds. That’s why the right message matters.

As we’ve noted before, we’re fans of the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) and their efforts to combat drunk driving through effective awareness campaigns, including some remarkable video campaigns. A recent set of videos has garnered the attention of the Governor’s Safety Highway Administration (GHSA), a nonproft which implements federal grant programs to promote safety on the nation’s roads.

The campaign, called “Reality Series – Over the Limit,” deals in the true and immediate consequences of a New Mexico drunk driving: not just the sirens, the screams, the ambulance, and the clang of the jail door, but the lesser realities that are just as unsettling. These include an offender calling his mother to tell her he’s been arrested; looking out the cage of a paddy wagon; and facing the arraignment in an orange convict suit.

The GHSA is right to pick NMDOT’s “Reality” series as a winner. The spots, which can be viewed here, help flesh out the incomplete picture of a DWI that might occupy the mind of a driver, particularly a young driver. The fact is, a drunk driving arrest is  scary for all kinds of reasons, and they go far beyond the possibility of a crash. Losing a job and the respect of one’s family, and having to face the criminal justice system, should be frightening outcomes, and NMDOT has done a good job portraying them.