Colorado IID Penalties

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What is a Failed IID Test in Colorado?

Colorado interlock laws and regulations are very clear when it comes to failed IID tests. If an installed ignition interlock device does not allow your vehicle to be started more than three times within 12 months, it is possible that additional time could be added to your ignition interlock requirement. It is also possible that having three failed tests within that period could place your license into further suspension. The BAC considered for a failed test in the state of Colorado is 0.025 or higher, because this is so low, it is very important to not blow into your interlock device after consuming anything that may have low traces of alcohol in it like kombucha, certain mouthwashes, or even medications like cough syrup. 

If you do happen to fail a test and you believe it was a mistake, it is in your best interest to notify the authorities who manage your post-conviction requirements, as well as your DUI lawyer and your IID provider as soon as possible. Getting in front of an accidentally failed test is the best way to ensure you are not penalized further for a failed test when you were not drinking. 

Penalties for Failing an IID Test in Colorado

Penalties for failing a car breathalyzer test in Colorado will vary based on your situation. Generally there are penalties that range from extended time on your suspended license to extending the required for your ignition interlock program. If you are under supervised probation there can be even further consequences depending on the condition of your court orders. Considering Colorado IID laws and regulations are among the most strict in the country when it comes to failed tests, it is imperative that you do everything you can to avoid failed tests at all times. Check out the official Colorado DMV FAQ to find answers to some of the lesser known questions. Also feel free to reach out to our team at LifeSafer and let us guide you through the process to get you back on the road sooner!

Colorado and Denver IID Providers

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