Q&A: Certificates of Financial Responsibility

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What is SR-22?

Financial ResponsibilityAn SR-22 is a certificate of financial responsibility that is mandated by the state and provided by your auto insurance carrier stating your required auto insurance policy is in effect. An SR-22 certificate may be required after a DUI arrest and/or conviction as a requirement to reinstate any driving privileges.

What is SR-22A?

An SR-22A is a certificate of financial responsibility used in Georgia, Texas and Missouri. It is generally required when someone repeatedly violated the requirements of the SR-22 policy, such as letting the SR-22 expire and not renewing it in a timely manner. In Georgia and Texas, auto policies with an SR-22A certificate must be paid a full six months in advance. In Missouri, the SR-22A certificate is similar to what other states refer to as the SR-22 certificate.

What is FR-44?

An FR-44 is similar to an SR-22 in that it is a financial responsibility certificate you must file with the state. An FR-44 certificate is only used in the states of Virginia and Florida and is required for certain offenses, such as a DUI with an injury. FR-44 requires double the state minimum coverage requirements.

I heard that SR-22 is expensive. Is that true?

The actual filing of an SR-22 is around $25 in most states. It’s the actual auto insurance policy that drastically increases for someone who is required to have SR-22.  That’s because those who need SR-22 certificates are considered high risk drivers and high risk drivers often need non-standard insurance policies. The non-standard insurance policy cost is generally two to four times what other drivers pay, and the cost is commonly higher for several years until the driver has had a clean driving record.

How long am I going to need the SR-22 certificate?

Your Department of Motor Vehicles may mandate an SR-22 from three years to the life of the driver, depending on the offense for which the certificate was originally required. If a driver is convicted of driving without a license and/or insurance, the SR-22 certificate may be required for three years.   A DUI arrest and/or conviction can mandate SR-22 certificates up to the life of the driver, depending on the number of past DUI convictions.

I do not own a vehicle. Do I still need an SR-22 certificate?

State laws may require drivers who do not own vehicles to obtain and maintain a non-owner SR-22 certificate to be eligible for driving privileges.

Do all states require SR-22 certificates?

All states have SR-22 requirements except Delaware, Kentucky, Minnesota, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, New York and North Carolina.

Contact your auto insurance provider for more information on certificates of financial responsibility.

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