The Most Effective Alcohol Testing Technology-part 1

Earlier this year the Justice Speakers Institute published a study declaring:

“The LifeSafer Portable Monitoring Device should be considered the most effective alcohol testing technology for courts supervising probationers with conditions that forbid the use of alcohol.” — Justice Speakers Institute*

Let’s take a deeper look at what makes the LifeSafer Portable Alcohol Monitoring (PAM) device superior to other technologies. We’ll be comparing them in the next few blogs to see exactly how the PAM device leads the pack in satisfying the courts’ best practices.

First, we’ll compare the LifeSafer PAM device with Smartphone Semiconductor Alcohol Monitoring monitoring. 

Admissible in court

Plain and simple, results from the LifeSafer PAM device are court-admissible. Due to technology limitations, results from Smartphones are not admissible. That’s a deal-breaker. If the results cannot be properly considered by a judge, they aren’t useful.

Accurate results

Breath collection is the preferred method of sampling by courts because it is more accurate. The LifeSafer PAM device captures deep lung breath samples which produce highly accurate results. Smartphone semiconductor monitoring technology does collect breath samples, however, it isn’t deep enough to be accurate. Due to this limitation, false positives occur frequently.

Frequent Testing 

Studies show multiple daily tests have proven to be the best way to discourage alcohol use. The LifeSafer PAM device can be set to test up to 24 times a day, at whatever frequency an agency requires. It’s very flexible. 

Frequent testing is impossible for Smartphone monitoring technology as the device needs a significant rest time between tests to work properly. Some Smartphone alcohol monitoring companies have started offering cheap fuel-cell devices, but a lack of scientific evidence makes their effectiveness questionable.

Given the lack of scientific studies, there is a serious question as to whether these new cheap fuel cell devices can meet current court admissibility standards.”– Justice Speakers Institute*

this is a photo of the courts best practices when it comes to alcohol monitoring devices.

The LifeSafer PAM device also comes out in front when looking at the witnessed collection. No other technology has a high-quality, wide-angle camera that captures the tester and their surroundings. 

It is also more affordable than Smartphone technology when you consider the total cost of the smartphone plus the device costs.

Well, there you have it. A side-by-side comparison of the LifeSafer PAM device and Smartphone technology. Clearly, the LifeSafer PAM device is the Most Effective Alcohol Testing Technology

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Read the full JSI white paper

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