Ignition Interlock Device Cold Weather Battery Drain

Battery drain is a legitimate concern for anyone who has an ignition interlock device installed, especially those that live in cold climates. Understanding how cold weather affects your IID is crucial for maintaining functionality and compliance. At LifeSafer, we’ve designed our devices to be resilient against winter woes, ensuring a seamless experience even in the coldest months.

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Protecting Your Ignition Interlock Device

In cold climates, car breathalyzers can face issues like battery drain, freezing, and moisture accumulation. LifeSafer’s ignition interlock devices are engineered to better withstand these challenges. Our devices are equipped to prevent freezing and moisture-related malfunctions, safeguarding your compliance and safety.

Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Ignition Interlock Device

During the winter months, taking care of your ignition interlock device is key to ensuring its optimal performance. LifeSafer emphasizes the importance of regular maintenance to prevent common cold weather issues. Simple steps such as regularly checking your vehicle’s battery health, keeping your IID clean and dry, and ensuring proper usage can significantly enhance the device’s reliability in colder temperatures. While our devices are designed to be robust, following these general winter care guidelines will help maintain their efficiency and prevent potential complications due to cold weather.

Removable Device, No Sleeve Required

LifeSafer’s device has a removeable head piece so you can prevent your device from freezing or being stolen while sitting in your vehicle. LifeSafer devices also do not require a protective sleeve that other providers can require the user to be responsible for. LifeSafer makes it easy to protect your device from the elements and theft ensuring that there is never any interruptions in your ignition interlock service and reporting.

*Ability to remove your head unit may vary due to state regulations.

Be Winter-Ready with LifeSafer

Don’t let winter weather affect your driving independence. LifeSafer devices are engineered to prevent less battery drain on your vehicle’s battery. Choose LifeSafer for an ignition interlock device that excels in cold conditions. Contact us today to learn more about our winter-friendly devices and how we can help keep you safe and compliant on the road, regardless of the temperature outside.

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