Be confident using your Interlock

It can take practice and patience when learning how to use an ignition interlock device (in-car breathalyzer). Give yourself extra time, especially during the first month of use. Using your interlock device will soon become an easy part of your everyday routine.

The entire LifeSafer team is committed to making using your interlock easy and intuitive. This step by step guide below reviews how to successfully use your device.  Ready to install or want to speak to someone live?   Call us today.



Turn your key halfway to power up the device.  If you have a push start vehicle, push the start button but DO NOT put your foot on the brake. Take a drink of water to rinse your mouth. Take a nice deep breath and prepare to take your test. You will have one minute to blow into the device.


Relax and blow steadily into the device for 5 to 7 seconds. The device will emit a tone, indicating that you are doing the test correctly. You will hear a second beep and click to signal the sample is sufficient.


Once you see the “PASS” message on your device, start your vehicle and get going. You will be prompted for random retests during your drive.

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