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The Smallest Device On The Market

New York Interlock Process

How do I get an interlock license?

1.) Pay Fines

Pay all fines, fees, and court costs.

2.) Car Repairs

Make sure your vehicle is in working order, including the horn, battery, and all electrical systems. Make any repairs necessary before installing your IID.

3.) Car Title Permission

If you want to install an IID in a vehicle that is not titled in your name, you will need a notarized affidavit from the vehicle’s owner granting permission.

4.) Gather Information

Emergency Response Program (e.g.) for interception of a targeted vehicle during a rolling re-test failure, Condition of Discharge, Probation Order, or DMV Problem Driver form. If you have been pre-sentenced, you will need a Pre-Sentence Order issued by the court. A copy of your photo ID and a list of all drivers who may drive the vehicle, the vehicle identification number and license plate number, your insurance information, and probation officer’s or monitoring authority’s information.

5.) Install Your Ignition Interlock

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