Ignition Interlocks

An ignition interlock is a small handheld device that is connected to your car and measures the amount of alcohol in the user’s breath. In simplest terms, an interlock is a car breathalyzer that prevents a user from starting a vehicle until a breath alcohol test is taken.

If the device registers over the pre-set limit, the vehicle will not start. If the driver’s breath test is below the pre-set limit, the vehicle will start. The interlock device needs to be serviced and calibrated at an authorized service center regularly.

Interlocks can vary in a few ways  and the interlock you receive depends on the legal requirements set by the state you live in and the specifics of your DWI/DUI/OWI.  Your interlock may come equipped with or without a camera, as well as real-time reporting or other additional features.

Find out more about the specific product available in your state by speaking with LifeSafer’s state specialized ignition interlock experts at 800-634-3077. You can also find out more about the license recovery process in your state by visiting LifeSafer’s state requirements.

What is an interlock program?

Interlock programs vary by state but in general, they all require some combination of the following: obtain a special license, install the device, test-taking, device calibration, results reported to monitoring agencies, compliance, and removal upon completion.

How does an interlock work?

An interlock tests for the presence of alcohol in your breath. If it detects alcohol, it prevents your car from starting. While you will be required to take periodic tests during your drive, an interlock will never stop your car while you are driving.

Where do I get an interlock?

Local auto-related service shops have received extensive training from our dedicated operations team. They install and service your leased LifeSafer interlock.

Choose Wisely

3 important things to consider when
choosing an interlock provider:

Easy to use 
Test-taking requires a specific blow pattern. With our interlock device, it’s as easy as it gets. Blow into the device to register an effective test. No tricky inhale-exhale blow patterns to deal with.

For thousands of drivers and millions of miles, LifeSafer has taken ownership of the total customer experience. We provide accurate, timely, and reliable services to help you successfully complete your interlock program.

Discreet size
You will want an interlock that is small and discreet, and our interlock device is the smallest on the market.