Did You Know September Is National Recovery Month?

Every September for the past 31 years, sponsors like SAMHSA, NADCP, NDCI, NCDC, and Justice for Vets support month-long events for National Recovery Month that increase awareness and understanding for substance use disorders and mental health issues. These events encourage people in need of treatment and recovery services to find the help they need. 

This month is also a celebration for those who are empowering themselves to live healthier, more rewarding lives. It’s a celebration of their journey. This entire month is dedicated to educating the public about substance use disorders as well as mental health issues. 

“Join the Voices of Recovery: Celebrating Connections is this year’s theme. Especially right now, celebrating the connections of the diverse groups of people working toward recovery is crucial. It’s a common goal for good that all people can participate in and celebrate. 

The new National Recovery Month website – nationalrecoverymonth.org – has many resources for individuals and communities to plan events, educate others, and socially share in the celebration of the millions of people who’ve made their way to recovery. 

LifeSafer is proud to help amplify the messages shared during National Recovery Month. So look for more to come through our social channels.

Preventative measures, like ignition interlocks and portable alcohol monitoring devices help to reduce alcohol-related offenses in our country. It’s our way of doing all we can to promote public safety and to assist people on their road to recovery.

For more information about LifeSafer ignition interlocks and portable alcohol monitoring devices, visit LifeSafer.com or call 800-634-3077.

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