Legislative Update

Ignition Interlock LawUS Highway Bill

The US Senate just passed the Highway Bill removing the driving restrictions for repeat offenders AND providing incentive grant funding for states that require an IID for everyone convicted of DUI. The House is expected to be more contentious, but today’s vote is a huge step forward!

Virginia Senate Passes Ignition Interlock DUI Bill

The Virginia Senate has passed legislation requiring an ignition interlock for every first-time drunken driver, no matter how high the offender’s blood alcohol content registered.

Current law mandates the device only for repeat offenders or anyone registering a .15 blood alcohol level or higher. Drivers have to blow into the device, and if any alcohol is detected the car won’t start.

Democratic Sen. Don McEachin of Henrico County sponsored the bill. He said installation of the interlock device is a good way to prevent drunken drivers from committing a second offense. Opponents argued that poor people would have a tough time coming up with several hundred dollars to pay to use the device for a minimum of six months.