The Most Effective Alcohol Testing Technology-part 2

At LifeSafer, we place a lot of importance on how accurate and reliable our technology is. So we were honored when early last year, the Justice Speakers Institute (JSI) published a study declaring:

“The LifeSafer Portable Monitoring Device should be considered the most effective alcohol testing technology for courts supervising probationers with conditions that forbid the use of alcohol.”

— Justice Speakers Institute* – February, 2020

JSI’s study compared LifeSafer’s Portable Alcohol Monitoring (PAM) device to several different technologies, and we will be looking at each one. In part one, we covered PAM vs Smartphone Semiconductor Alcohol Monitoring. In part two, we’ll be comparing the LifeSafer PAM device to Urine Ethyl Glucuronide Tests (EtG or urine testing). 


Courts prefer testing technology that is affordable and satisfies all best practices. EtGs (or urine testing) is one of the most expensive options at $8.50 per day. LifeSafer’s PAM technology is $2-$3 per day, and unlike EtG testing, it DOES satisfy all court best practices.

Speed of Results

Studies show test results are 73% more effective in reducing crime and also produce better outcomes when a court receives results within 48 hours of testing. EtG tests can take up to 96 hours since they have to be confirmed by an independent lab in order to be admissible. The LifeSafer PAM results are transmitted in real-time so the data from each test is fast and accurate.

Witnessed Collection

To reduce instances of tampering, courts prefer witnessed sample collections. For EtG testing, this means both male and female administrators are necessary in order to witness collection. This is both embarrassing and adds to the cost of testing. Also, there are concerns about COVID safety.

“As the technology that is most vulnerable to tampering, EtG testing requires observation while an individual is giving a urine specimen.”

— Justice Speakers Institute, February, 2020

With its wide-angle camera, the LifeSafer PAM device delivers a quality picture with every test and includes the tester’s surroundings. This makes it a safer choice during these times of COVID-19.

In this comparison of the LifeSafer PAM device and EtGs, there are multiple reasons why the LifeSafer PAM device is the Most Effective Alcohol Testing Technology

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Read the full JSI White Paper

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