Washington State Requires Camera Ignition Interlocks

Alcohol ignition interlocks in Washington State will soon have a feature designed to prevent others from attempting breath tests for the driver. After January 1, 2013, all devices installed in the state must include camera technology for enhanced anti-circumvention.

The camera will take a series of pictures during the initial breath sample to start the car, during any rolling retests, and during any violations. This allows program monitors to verify who is using the device and prevent the participant from using someone else to provide the breath tests.

Drivers can lose their ignition interlock license by attempting to fool the device, and the images will provide new accountability for those trusted with a license.

The LifeSafer FC100 Ignition Interlock With Camera has been in use for select counties of Washington State for the past year as a precursor to this program and will be available statewide.

For additional information please visit www.lifesafer.com.