Where to Get an Ignition Interlock in Washington State

LifeSafer ignition interlock in Washington StateIf you need to install an ignition interlock in Washington State, you’re covered no matter where you live. Here’s a handy guide to some of the locations where you can find a courteous, professional LifeSafer provider who will install your interlock device, monitor and calibrate the unit when necessary, and keep you behind the wheel safely and legally.

Seattle-Tacoma Area

In Seattle you’ll find Integrated Automotive in Delridge Way waiting to serve you. Just south of Seattle there are two locations in Kent, Audio Experts on Pacific Highway and LifeSafer of Kent on Central Avenue. On the East Side, O’s Interlock and More in Bellevue will be happy to set you up, as will Long’s Car Care Center in Woodinville.

South of Seattle

Going south,  on South 40th Street is your go-to in Tacoma. Further down I-5 you’ll find O’s Interlock and More in Lakewood.

North of Seattle

Sterling Audiolifesafer ignition interlock service in washington in Everett offers LifeSafer ignition interlocks as well as car audio of all types. Triple C Interlock is the installer of choice in Marysville. Bremerton has two top-flight interlock vendors: A Better Interlock on 6th Street and LifeSafer of Bremerton on Highway 303. Lynnwood has Washington Interlock.

Further north you’re still in good hands. That’s where you’ll encounter LifeSafer in Burlington and Safe Drive in Belllingham.

Eastern Washington

Whether you’re in Okanagan or Colville in the north, Wenatchee or Moses Lake in central Washington State, or Pasco to the south, or Spokane at the farthest to the right on the Washington map, there’s a LifeSafer ignition interlock installer waiting to help you get back on the road.

Check Out All Our Installation Locations

You can check out all the LifeSafer installation centers in Washington State here. Every one of them has trained and certified personnel whose only mission is to see that you regain your driving privileges and keep them. Enter your town or zip code to find the one nearest you.

To schedule an ignition interlock installation at any of these locations, or to ask any question about your eligibility for a device, no need to contact the providers directly – just call 800- 634-3077 and a representative will schedule your installation, guide you through the process of getting into the Washington State  ignition interlock program, and answer any questions you might have.

If you’re looking for an ignition interlock in Washington State, your needs are being met by first-class LifeSafer technicians, backed up by courteous, professional service 24/7. If you want to get your driving privileges back, don’t way. Call today.