Driving is a privilege. An ignition interlock program requires DUI / DWI offenders to prove they are up to the responsibility to drive safely every time they drive, by completing a breath test measuring BrAC (breath alcohol concentration) below a preset limit before the vehicle can be started. LifeSafer people, products, systems and processes work for you — ensuring the jurisdiction’s goals are met — reliably, affordably, successfully … conclusively.

Our commitment is proven

LifeSafer has led efforts to build acceptance and understanding of ignition interlock technology and effective use of interlock programs in meeting public safety objectives through a balanced approach — a closely-monitored legal driving privilege. Consider the merits of:

  • Extending required interlock use/restriction to the license of High-Risk Offenders who demonstrate undesirable behavior as recorded in the device.
  • Make interlock technology an integral part of DUI / DWI court programs, providing High-Risk and Repeat Offenders the opportunity to remain employed, licensed and able to undergo treatment in lieu of jail or prison time.
  • Where appropriate, instead of revoking driver’s license, consider extension of interlock as a mandatory condition of bond and/or early release or parole for the High-Risk and Felony DUI / DWI Offenders.
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