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How do I get an interlock license?

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Information on Kansas DWI and Ignition Interlock Laws


Kansas ignition interlock laws require that any driver convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) must install an ignition interlock device, including an electronic log device, on every vehicle they own or which is registered to them. A chart of license actions can be found here.

This happens automatically if you fail a breath test, or refuse to take one. You have 14 days after arrest to request a hearing to contest your suspension.

Every situation and state is unique, please consult with your attorney or your state licensing authority to confirm your requirements and obligations.

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This occurs when you are sentenced by a court after a trial or plea agreement.

Administrative penalties for a first DUI offense (failed breath test) in Kansas are a 30-day suspension, followed by a 330-day period in which an ignition interlock can be used to regain driving privileges. For 2nd through 4th offenses, there is a one-year suspension and a one-year period with interlock. A 5th offense carries a penalty of permanent revocation. For refusal to take the breath test, suspensions run between one year and a lifetime, depending on your record of offenses. For 3rd and subsequent DUI offenses, there is a one-year period of post-release supervision. In addition to fines, you are responsible for court costs. You must provide proof after completing an alcohol treatment program before your driving privileges are restored. There are additional penalties in Kansas for DUI if you were driving with a child under 14, as well as for involuntary manslaughter. You can find out more on the KS Department of Revenue website.

How much does an ignition interlock cost in Kansas?

For an ignition interlock (IID) in the state of Kansas, expect to pay about $3 per day on average. It’s easy to go for the cheapest blow-and-go device, but wouldn’t you rather get an IID with the best value? That’s what you get with LifeSafer.

Each LifeSafer IID is made with precision and is tested for quality assurance before it reaches a customer. When it’s installed at your local center in Kansas, a trained technician that’s specialized in outfitting the device to your vehicle will use the latest and greatest practices.

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