DUI/DWI Specialist Attorneys

If you are an attorney specializing in DWI/DUI clients, we are your best partner for their ignition interlock device needs. Our convenient installation locations and helpful customer service team will answer questions about license suspension, reinstatement, and program completion. We have a dedicated reporting team that supports your clients throughout their program so they can remain in compliance. If your clients need more intensive alcohol monitoring based on a domestic violence or child neglect charge, our Portable Alcohol Monitoring units are the ONLY devices that use nationally certified fuel cell technology for testing. Other units estimate BrAC. Ours measures BrAC. Your clients’ success depends on accuracy, and our devices deliver.

Materials_helpful  Helpful Materials

If you are an attorney who specializes in DWI, DUI or OWI charges, your clients will need information on license reinstatement with an ignition interlock. We can help. We are happy to provide your office with informational materials specific to your state. We offer newsletters, blog posts and updates on law changes regarding interlocks. Our regional business development teams are happy to help with your specific needs.

reliable_devices2  Dependable Devices

All of our alcohol monitoring devices use NHTSA certified fuel cell technology. For clients who need an interlock, our discreet, well designed, easy to use, reliable devices are the best choice. LifeSafer offers cost-effective ignition interlocks that perform reliably, every time.

Local Support  National Company, Local Service

Treating our customers with respect and care is key to our company values. We want to assist our partners by helping their clients regain their license with an ignition interlock, comply with reporting and monitoring requirements and successfully complete their programs. We handle the details of alcohol monitoring so you don’t have to.


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