LifeSafer Helps Your Clients and You

  • Save Your Time and Your Clients’ Time – Our easy to use step-by-step materials will guide your client through the maze of state issues related to interlock services, so you don’t have to.
  • Get Your Clients Back on the Road Legally & Safely – When your clients can’t drive, they may not be working and may be losing money. A LifeSafer Interlock can be the solution to both.
  • Provide Your Clients with Interlock Services from the Trusted Industry Leader – When you have a client with a LifeSafer Interlock you can be sure they have an approved device that will serve them well and be recognized by courts and other authorities.
  • Provide Your Clients A Discount on Their Interlock Needs* – LifeSafer can provide your clients with installation and/or monitoring savings.

This video will provide your clients with an overview of ignition interlocks and their operation. A free DVD version is available for your clients.


LifeSafer has been working with defense attorneys on behalf of their clients for more than 25 years.  We provide attorneys with end-to-end interlock services for their clients.  From time-saving materials that lead a client through the process, to expert installation and ongoing monitoring service, we provide you clients the interlock services they need, while respecting their privacy and dignity.

LifeSafer can provide you and your clients with the following and more:

  • Office brochures that explain the interlock installation and monitoring process to clients in simple terms
  • A toll-free 800 number for clients (or you) to call to answer any questions you have about our interlock devices or requirements
  • Money-saving special pricing for your clients
  • Interlock content and links for your website to save your clients time and money
  • Priority scheduling with our certified technicians to get your clients back on the road legally and safely

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