LifeSafer can assist your clients with their ignition interlock program needs and portable alcohol monitoring. Your clients will need information on license reinstatement and we can help. We are happy to provide your office with informational materials specific to your state. Interlocks can be a powerful tool in helping clients with their sobriety. We offer both mandatory and voluntary programs for clients who want or need an ignition interlock. Being able to drive and maintain employment, education and family responsibilities are important for recovery.

Portable alcohol monitoring solutions are also available by LifeSafer. More discreet and accurate than transdermal solutions. breath-based portable alcohol monitoring is another effective tool to support your clients’ rehabilitation.
LiferSafer treats your clients with dignity and respect as they work through their programs.


Materials_helpful  Helpful Materials

LifeSafer works closely with treatment professionals to ensure the interlock process is easier to navigate. You and your team need to focus on helping clients successfully complete treatment but your clients have questions about how and when they can drive again. To help, LifeSafer offers downloadable interlock program process posters as well as easy to use tools and resources to keep clients on track with their program requirements. Sign-up below to receive informational emails, special offers and helpful materials for your clients and your office.

reliable_devices2  Dependable Devices

Court-ordered alcohol monitoring can include interlocks and random alcohol monitoring devices. LifeSafer provides both interlocks and portable alcohol monitoring solutions. Our technology is accurate and reliable. Unlike transdermal testing, our portable unit provides real-time results that can assist in accountability. Cell phone add-on devices may seem like an easy solution, but they only estimate BrAC. Our technology meets rigorous national standards for reliable readings. When your clients’ freedom depends on it, they can depend on LifeSafer.

Local Support  National Company, Local Service

Treating our customers with respect and care is key to our company values. We assist our partners by helping their clients regain their license with an interlock, comply with reporting and monitoring requirements and successfully complete their programs. Our regional and local specialists work in your state. We value your clients’ success from start to finish and want to partner with you to ensure that service is local, prompt and tailored to your needs. Other companies just mail out devices. We invest in our clients’ success.



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