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How do I get an interlock license in Maine?

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Information on Maine DWI and Ignition Interlock Laws

Administrative and Judicial

Maine’s ignition interlock laws require that any driver convicted of Operating Under the Influence (OUI) with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or higher, will have their driver’s license automatically suspended. After the first conviction for a driver above 21-years of age, the license is conditional for one year, however, after an additional conviction, the license can be suspended for up to ten years.

The consequences of drinking and driving include:
• Criminal record
• Overall cost of conviction can reach $7000
• Drunk driving accidents and deaths

The Zero Tolerance Law

If the driver is under 21 years of age, Maine has The Zero Tolerance Law, indicating that the driver with any measurable amount of alcohol in their system will be suspended from driving for one year. If there is a passenger under 21 years of age in the same vehicle, an additional 180-day suspension will be imposed.

Maine Ignition Interlock Installation

The reinstatement of driving privileges of a person convicted of an intoxicant-related offense is dependent upon the completion of all other conditions and installation of an approved ignition interlock device. The installation of the car-breathalyzer is voluntary for early restoration of the license.

  • One OUI Offense: Reinstated after serving 30 days of the 150-day suspension if an approved ignition interlock device is installed and maintained.
  • Two OUI Offenses: Reinstated after serving 9 months of the 3-year suspension if an approved ignition interlock device is installed and maintained.
  • Three OUI Offenses: Reinstated after serving 3-years of the 6-year suspension if an approved ignition interlock device is installed and maintained.
  • Four OUI Offenses: Reinstated after serving 4-years of the 8-year suspension if an approved ignition interlock device is installed and maintained.

A person who qualifies for restoration with an ignition interlock device must file a petition, pay the $50 application fee, and receive written approval from the Secretary of State prior to having the device installed.

Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Driver License Services Division
29 State House Station
Augusta, Maine 04333-0029
(207) 624-9000 ext. 52104
TTY Users Call Maine relay 711

Every situation and state is unique, please consult with your attorney or your state licensing authority to confirm your requirements and obligations.

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What does an interlock device (car breathalyzer) cost in Maine?

The cost of an ignition interlock device in Maine will vary depending on the features you are required to have, how long you need to have the device installed for, and the installation location you decide to install with.

If you were charged with an OUI in Maine and are required to have an interlock device, the features and required length of your interlock will be determined by The State of Maine’s ignition interlock program.

Your total price will be comprised of a variety of factors, including:
• Installation cost
• Removal fee
• Monthly lease fee
• Calibration fee

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