Illinois DUI and Ignition Interlock Law Information

All DUI offenders in Illinois are required to have a breath alcohol ignition interlock device (BAIID) installed in order to have their driving privileges restored during a period of suspension or revocation. Both the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office in charge of licensing and the courts are involved in DUI-related suspensions and revocations

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How do I get an Illinois Restricted Driving Permit with an Ignition Interlock?

Illinois Administrative Per Se Suspension

Penalties increase for repeat DUI offenders in Illinois. Anyone convicted for a second time risks at least five days in jail and up to 240 hours of community services. Drivers can have their driving privileges revoked for up to five years if the conviction is within 20 years of their previous DUI, and their registration is suspended also. They are also subject to additional penalties and fines, which increase if a child was present for the offense, or the driver’s BAC was over .16 percent. If the offender is eligible to regain their driving privileges through a restricted permit, they must also install a BAIID to qualify.