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How do I get an interlock license?

Ignition Interlock Devices (IIDs) will be mandatory for the following WI convictions: ALL repeat OWIs, refusals and 1st offense OWIs with an alcohol concentration of 0.15 or higher.

IIDs are required for every vehicle owned by or registered to the offender in Wisconsin unless the vehicle is specifically exempted by the court.

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Information on Wisconsin DWI and Ignition Interlock Laws


If you are arrested for OWI in Wisconsin, you face both administrative and criminal actions. The administrative law suspends your license immediately if your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is measured greater than .08. The arresting officer issues a notice of intent to suspend and you have 10 days during which to request a review of the suspension. If no review is requested, or if a review is held and the suspension is upheld, the suspension takes effect 30 days after the notice date on the Notice of Intent to Suspend form. If you refuse to take a chemical test at the time of arrest, you must install an ignition interlock and it will be required for one year.

You must still go through the usual court procedures for the OWI arrest, which may result in additional sanctions against your ability to drive. In Wisconsin, you may petition for an occupational license immediately under an administrative suspension. The suspension is for a period of six months.

Every situation and state is unique, please consult with your attorney or your state licensing authority to confirm your requirements and obligations.

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Wisconsin ignition interlock laws require an ignition interlock device (IID) to be installed in the vehicles of all repeat OWI offenders, all first-time OWI offenders with a BAC of .15 or more, and all drivers who refuse to provide a breath or blood sample for a chemical test at a traffic stop. Penalties for all offenses are doubled if there was a minor under 16 in the vehicle and there’s a driver improvement surcharge of $355.

A first-offense OWI in Wisconsin is a misdemeanor charge which carries a penalty of a $300 fine and a suspended license.

A 2nd OWI within 10 years is a misdemeanor charge which carries penalties that include a fine of up to $1100, a license suspension of at least one year, and a jail term of between five days and six months.

A 3rd OWI within 10 years is a misdemeanor charge which carries penalties that include a fine of up to $2000, a license suspension of at least one year, and a jail term of between five days and one year.

For the 2nd and 3rd OWI offenses, all vehicles under your name will have to either be immobilized or have an ignition interlock installed.

Visit the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (Wisconsin DOT) website for extensive information on OWI penalties.

How much does an interlock cost in Wisconsin?

In the state of Wisconsin, you’re likely going to pay the national average for an ignition interlock (IID), which is $3 a day. While saving money is great, getting a good value is better. If you want to go into a program with great customer service, unbeatable technicians, and the finest devices, LifeSafer is the ideal choice.

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