AXE Body Spray in Your Mouth to Cheat a Breathalyzer? Uh, No…

how not to cheat a breathalyzerIt’s interesting to see how the impaired mind works. Cops see it all the time when drunk drivers misjudge their speed, forget what lane they’re in, and underestimate how tight a turn is.

Unfortunately, that same impairment keeps working on drivers once they are pulled over by the police. A driver in Rock Hill, South Carolina in that position did what he thought was the logical thing: he shot some AXE body spray into his mouth.

The driver claimed that it was all part of his head-to-toe body cleansing regimen, but it was obviously a last-ditch attempt to cheat a breathalyzer test.

Note to drunk drivers: AXE body spray will not hide alcohol from a breathalyzer and help you pass the inevitable drunk test. Do not do it.

Why You Can’t Cheat a Breathalyzer

In fact, nothing you can shove in your mouth, short of super-glue, will keep you from failing a breathalyzer test if you have been drinking and are over the limit. A breathalyzer, or an ignition interlock for that matter, does not measure the alcohol in your mouth – it measures the alcohol that is leaving your bloodstream via your lungs. That amount of alcohol is consistent no matter what’s in your mouth. Ingesting breath mints, mouthwash, souvlaki, or cloth diapers will not change the chemical reaction that’s happening in your blood.

In fact, one of the ingredients in AXE body spray is stearyl alcohol. We have no idea whether that would tend to raise the breathalyzer number, but it wouldn’t help.

There are all kinds of false rumors about how to defeat a breathalyzer. The driver in question figured that anything was better than nothing, and he used the materials he had at hand. It didn’t work out well for him: he was booked for DUI.

So how the impaired mind works is one thing – how breathalyzers work is another. Drive sober, and you’ll never be the next test case on How Not to Cheat a Breathalyzer.