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About LifeSafer

Leadership, With Integrity Assured

LifeSafer was an originator of the ignition interlock industry in 1991, and has contributed significantly to the advancement of interlock devices. We have been instrumental in convincing lawmakers of the merits of allowing you, the client, to obtain legal driving privileges by installing an interlock, which has led to widespread utilization and success of interlock programs nationwide.

  • The first ignition interlock to meet National Highway Traffic Safety Association standards (1992)
  • The first electronic information reporting system for ignition interlock programs(1994)
  • FC100 – the most widely used interlock device in the U.S. today introduced 1998)
  • A patent-pending positive ID interlock device with a target-tracking camera (2005)
  • 60,000+ installed LifeSafer devices across 90+% of interlock-approved states
  • 600,000+ people have used LifeSafer interlocks

LifeSafer interlocks have been used by more than 600,000 people and are the most widely used in the U.S. today. Our network of 800+ installation and service locations is a unique organization of locally operated interlock specialists who are dedicated to you, the interlock client, as their sole customer.

  • Convenience 800+ installation locations offering ease and local familiarity
  • Experience Interlock specialists with experience installing interlocks, managing interlock programs and helping clients navigate and succeed in the program
  • Cost Competitive program pricing, supported by reliable technology and superior service