Viral Video: Student Orders Drunk Driver Off a Texas Highway

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Your Hump-day Recess: Real-Life Superhero Meets Texas Drunk Driver

“Get out of the car! You’re done driving! That’s it! Get out of the car! Get out!”

When a driver rumbled over a crash barrier in front of him, San Antonio college student Deandre Lewis didn’t waste any time.  He got the man to pull over and demanded that he exit the car. Over and over again he let the driver know that he was done driving for the day. The whole scene was captured on video.

Not all of us would have the courage or presence of mind to deal with this drunk driver so quickly and definitively, and some might say that a better strategy would have been to call the police instead. But this young man did what he thought best, and he removed from the road someone who was a clear menace.

Given Texas drunk driving laws, chances are the offender is done with driving for a while. A first DWI gets you 3 days to 6 months in jail, and a license revocation of at least a year. Ignition interlock devices are required for all offenses as well, which means if this driver does get back on the road, he won’t be caught on video driving drunk, because his truck won’t start if he has alcohol in his system.

Meanwhile, our tall Texas hats go off to a public-spirited citizen who prevented a disaster on the road.

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