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LifeSafer-Service-CenterProgram reliability is the key to a successful outcome when mandating an ignition interlock restriction. LifeSafer Interlock devices are installed by a convenient nationwide network of interlock-specialist service centers across 46 states and Canada. All our personnel have experience guiding offenders through their ignition interlock programs and helping them return to safe, sober and responsible driving habits.

We help execute the authority of referring judiciaries fairly, objectively and accurately, ensuring the following:

  • Proper installation of the ignition interlock.
  • BAC calibration and other features conforming to the specifications of the jurisdiction
  • Client training on the safe and proper use of the interlock, with additional training as necessary, and availability to respond to questions 24/7
  • Proper service and calibration of the interlock device every 30 to 60 days, including inspection of the device, vehicle wiring and event log for evidence of tampering or attempted circumvention
  • Scheduled offender compliance reports for the court, probationary authorities and attorneys
  • Program management by experienced, knowledgeable professionals committed to the goals of referring agencies and the well-being of our interlock clients
  • A respectful attitude and consistent service to all clients
  • Accurate, objective, unbiased test data
  • Availability and responsiveness 24/7 to resolve service related issues or respond to inquiries by authorities
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