Jail Overcrowding May Be Due To Chronic DUI Re-offenders

Jail Overcrowding DUIJail overcrowding is a serious issue in this country. Part of it is due to chronic re-offenders taking up space several times per year, only to be granted early release due to cramped conditions inside the jails. Once released, they tend to commit the same offenses, like drinking and driving, over and over again.

Instead of constantly putting those who commit crimes like driving under the influence back in jail, officials across the USA are looking for ways to keep them out of jail altogether. That’s where ignition interlock devices come into play. Placing IIDs in vehicles of individuals convicted of drunk driving can prevent them from re-committing the same crime over and over again.

There are other benefits to placing a car breathalyzer device in the vehicle of someone convicted of DUI. Rather than taking up space and costing taxpayers money by sitting in jail, offenders can stay on the road to being productive members of society by continuing to go to work, supporting their families and paying taxes. As well, those who stay out of jail have more access to community programs and assistance in overcoming what led them to drink and drive in the first place.

Not only do ignition interlock devices work to keep roads safe, they can help avoid the hefty cost of jail overcrowding by keeping offenders out of jail in the first place.