No New Year’s DUI Arrests in Orem, Utah. Now Why Was That?

no-dui-arrests-oremNew Year’s Eve is high season for drunk driving. Even in Utah, where a goodly portion of the populace are teetotalers, DUI arrests are made in the wee hours of the first day of 2018.

But in Orem, no drunk drivers were arrested on New Year’s Eve. And none were killed, either. That’s good news. It’s worth asking why it happened.

Possible Reason 1: Drunk Tank Taxi

Orem police anticipated the need for safe rides on New Year’s Eve, so they instituted “Drunk Tank Taxi,” by which Police picked up revelers in a police van and drove them not to jail but to their destinations. Getting the police involved in the business of designated driving was an excellent way to build community relations and spread the idea of good planning when out drinking.

Possible Reason 2: The New .05 Limit

Some people are going to bristle at the idea that the lowering of the Utah’s BAC (legal blood alcohol concentration) limit to .05 from the national .08 standard had anything to do with the impressive performance of Orem’s tipplers on New Year’s. But the fact is that the new law has been in the news, and people are more aware than ever of what it takes to make a driver impaired – or to be in violation of the law. It’s very possible that drivers decided it wasn’t worth taking a chance. Those drivers, who might have otherwise chanced a drive home, took the Drunk Tank Taxi, or found another safe ride home.

If this dearth of drunk driving has another cause not yet found, we hope that police and city officials find out what it is and publicize it. Orem, Utah is proof that it’s possible to have a good time out and still avoid a DUI. Well done, Orem PD and Orem citizens.