Treating our customers with respect and care is key to our company values. We want to assist our partners by helping their clients regain their license with an ignition interlock, comply with reporting and monitoring requirements and successfully complete their programs. We handle the details of alcohol monitoring so you don’t have to.


Materials_helpful  Helpful Materials

We provide helpful materials to your clients about using their alcohol monitoring device consistently and successfully. Our handouts are perfect for waiting rooms.

reliable_devices2   Reliable Devices

Court-ordered alcohol monitoring can include interlocks and random alcohol monitoring devices. LifeSafer provides both ignition interlocks and a portable alcohol monitoring device for your clients.
Our dedicated reporting team ensures you have the information you need about your clients when you need it.

Local Support   Regional Specialists

Our customer development team works with you to customize your reports, prepare documents that are helpful for your clients and troubleshoot any issues. Our next-level service separates us from the competition.



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