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Court-ordered alcohol monitoring can include interlocks and random alcohol monitoring devices. LifeSafer® provides both ignition interlocks and a portable alcohol monitoring device for your clients. Both with the same reliable, accurate technology, both are small and discreet. Our monitoring platform is highly-customizable to ensure you get the information you need about your clients, when you need it.


Discounts and Helpful Materials

As a partner, you can count on us to help your clients reinstate their license by successfully completing their programs. We handle the details of testing and monitoring so you can focus on the individual needs of your clients. We also provide you with discounts and resources you can pass on to your clients.


Discreet, Reliable Devices

LifeSafer is an ISO 9001 certified company. All of our alcohol monitoring devices contain our own NHTSA-certified fuel cell technology. That means your clients are getting a device that performs reliably every time.

Court-ordered alcohol monitoring can include ignition interlocks and portable alcohol monitoring devices. LifeSafer can provide both for your clients. We are here to help your clients navigate the interlock process cost effectively, and with dignity and respect. 


Customizable Monitoring

Our monitoring platform ensures you have all the information you need about your clients when you need it. At-a-glance dashboards, and customizable reporting make client monitoring easy and efficient.

Local Support

National Company, Local Service

Our regional and local specialists work in your state. We value your client’s success from start to finish and want to partner with you to ensure that service is local, prompt, and tailored to your needs. This concierge-style service is what separates us from the competition.

Best of all there’s absolutely no cost to you.

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