Alcohol Consumption is on the rise in Greek organizations

FAlcohol Consumption is on the rise in Greek organizations or many college students, one of the most enjoyable experiences during their years of learning is joining a fraternity or sorority. Maybe they join to make friends, network, or just be a part of the bigger picture in society, but no matter the reason, the major downside to join these groups is that alcohol consumption is on the rise in Greek organizations.

Binge drinking and alcohol abuse takes place at parties and other events, and it’s not only accepted by the members of the sorority or fraternity, it has grown to the point where it’s an expected part of belonging. But rather than result in a feeling of group bonding, alcohol abuse in Greek organizations has actually been the cause of many deaths from both hazing and binge drinking.

Research shows that Greek life can lead to an increased risk of lifelong alcohol and drug abuse, and some college officials have actually banned their fraternity and sorority members from drinking in order to get them to focus on academics. Greek organizations have taken the issue seriously as well, with outright bans on hazing and alcohol and punishment that goes so far as to close down houses in violation of these rules.

Until binge drinking and alcohol abuse are controlled in sororities and fraternities, every college campus across the USA will continue to grapple with the fallout caused by excessive alcohol consumption.