App-Based Service Luxe Will Get You – And Your Car – Home After a Night Out Drinking

You’re out drinking, and you really, really want to make the right decision. So you pop out your smartphone and start to summon a ride via a car service. But then you have a thought…

luxe-drive-home-will-get-you-and-car-home-safelyWhat about your car? It’ll just sit all night and collect parking tickets. You’re tempted to do the unthinkable and drive home under the influence.

There’s no need.

As it happens, there’s an app for that too, so you don’t have to get a ticket, pay for all-night parking, or, heaven forbid, make the boneheaded decision to drive home three sheets to the wind.

Luxe, the smartphone-based parking valet company, offers Drive Home, its designated driver service.  Just fire up the Luxe app and set up your pickup time. You’ll get a call when your valet has arrived. You’ll be driven home by a blue-jacketed valet, who will hand you your keys once you’re outside your vehicle.

For obvious reasons, Luxe Drive Home is not quite as cheap as a simple rideshare, but it’s still much cheaper than a DUI, or a rideshare and a parking ticket: $25 plus $3 per mile.

Right now Drive Home is available in just five of the nine cities in which Luxe operates: San Francisco, LA, Chicago, Seattle, and Boston. So far the service, which is still in pilot stages, is offered only on weekend evenings.

Another service, Drive Home for Business, lets businesses easily provide their employees with the Drive Home service after holiday parties and events.

At LifeSafer, we believe that Drive Home and other services are more than just business ventures or innovations: they represent a change in how society tolerates drunk driving. As more options become available, excuses for drunk driving – never convincing – become even less valid. There is simply no reason to drink and drive when a better alternative is sitting on a device in your pocket.

Well done, Luxe. We hope the pilot takes off and adds to the resources which make our roads and streets safer.