Have an Ignition Interlock? A Golf Cart Ride Could Cost You Everything.

with ignition interlock you can't drink and drive golf cart When you have an ignition interlock installed in your vehicle, there’s one prohibition that you need to pay strict attention to: you’re not allowed to drive any motor vehicle that is not equipped with an interlock device. “Motor vehicle” can cover a lot of ground. People have been arrested on snowmobiles, riding mowers, Segways, and other vehicles for drunk driving, and a person who tries to evade his ignition interlock obligation by switching to a smaller, non-licensed vehicle in order to drive drunk will find trouble.

Recently in Moses Lake, Washington a man was stopped for driving a golf cart the wrong way on a public thoroughfare. Police checked and found that he should have been using an ignition interlock. This violation led to a search and a weapons charge.

Let’s break it down: depending on the state, you might be able to ride a vehicle of a certain type in place of a car with an interlock. If the law allows, by all means jump on your Segway. But you still can’t operate that vehicle while intoxicated. Doing so could mean an extension of your interlock term, or possibly imprisonment, depending on your state and the type of violation.

People have been arrested for DUI on mopeds, tractors – even horses.

If you are posing a danger to yourself and others on the road – as this man did by driving the wrong way on a road – then the police can and will stop you. There’s no way around an ignition interlock requirement; you need to get through it by driving sober for the full term that the device is required. Each year thousands of people successfully complete their interlock programs and have their devices removed. Your task is to join those ranks by separating the acts of drinking and driving – and that means driving anything on wheels.