August is Back to School Safety Month

 Back to School Safety MonthSummer is almost over, and with that final wind down comes the need to take a good look at how your children get back and forth to school. August is Back to School Safety Month, and parents should encourage their children to make the best choices when walking, biking, or riding to school.

Whether your child walks to school with you or friends, rides their bike to school, or does a carpool with you or a carpool group, it’s always important to take proper safety precautions. When walking to school, be sure to walk on the sidewalk facing traffic, always look all ways when crossing the street, and never walk in front of a parked car.

Riding bicycles to school require extra safety precautions. Children should always wear a helmet when riding a bike, and parents should teach children the rules of cycling including always riding on the right side of the road and in single file as well as coming to a complete stop when crossing the street.

Many children ride the bus to school. For the safest ride to school, make sure your children always stand six feet away from the curb and only cross the street when you are 12 feet ahead of the bus and in clear view of the bus driver.