The Best Animated Gifs About Drunk Driving.

Your Hump-Day Recess: Moving Testimonies

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We’ve devoted a lot of our Hump-day Recesses to videos of all kinds: PSAs, dash cam clips, even music videos. Never have we paid attention to video’s shorter and less flamboyant cousin, the animated .gif image. Yet this format has been around since – wait for it – 1987. For a while it was overused, especially on amateur websites, but now it has come back into vogue as a subset of the meme – an image which illustrates a reaction or emotion using a wry reference to pop culture.

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Occasionally this venerable format is used to animate a public service message. Toyota did this with a clever sequence showing how a drunk driver’s days are numbered. Most prefer star power over artistic effort, though: if you can find a movie clip which underscores your point, such as Ryan Gosling’s offer in Crazy, Stupid Love, your work as an animator is almost done.

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Naturally, television is a popular source of animations. From Breaking Bad we have Saul Goodman, hero of crooked lawyers everywhere, offering advice to Walter White’s wife and son. This particular .gif leaves out the second clause: “But if you do, Better Call Saul.”

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Drunk driving scenes in movies might not be used for sending anti-DUI messages, but they’re certainly popular for something. In North by Northwest Hitchcock used a harrowing drunk driving scene in which Cary Grant narrowly missed his demise on a mountain road. Drunk driving was played for laughs in The 40-Year-Old Virgin.

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The scene depicted in the Virgin .gif even used an ignition interlock, which Leslie Mann had Ben Stiller blow into so she  could start her car. In real life, Mann would have missed her rolling re-test and a camera would have recorded the fail. No doubt a lot of people saw the movie and concluded that interlocks are easy to bypass. But that’s Hollywood. Did we fact-check Mad Max: Fury Road?

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Finally, there is real life, a large source of drunk driving animations – embarrassingly large, really, if you have any hope for the human race. Dash cams and security cameras constantly catch drunk drivers in the act of messing up. We would not post anything in which someone got hurt, but anything else, such as the Russian tank driver who had too many vodkas with breakfast, are fair game. So too the woman at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport who decided to bypass the toll booth with an aerial maneuver.

The images can be funny, but they should remind us that many drunken driving outings don’t end up a laughing matter. Even these might have sad stories behind them. So use them as a reminder to drive sober. Otherwise, you might end up on someone’s website or blog, doomed to repeat your mistake over and over and over….

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