Beer and Driving: Maybe This 1957 Hertz Ad Needed Another Set of Eyes…

Your Hump-day Recess: Just What Are You Selling?

promote-drunk-driving-with-adSubmitted for your approval; an illustration from an ad for Hertz from 1957. What’s strange about it? Not the happy couple in their gorgeous brand-new Chevy stopping for a burger at a drive-in. No, it’s the prominence of a Budweiser truck in the background. If you weren’t paying strict attention, you might even think that back then Hertz was trying to associate its product – rental vehicles – with beer.

And in a way it was. At the time Hertz was justifiably proud that Anheuser-Busch leased its trucks from them  – their ads promoted truck leasing as a cost-saving strategy. Nothing wrong with that.

But nowadays a company associated with driving would think twice about juxtaposing a car and a beer logo in an ad. Likewise, beer ads these days are quite free of references to driving, for which we all should be grateful. The two activities, generally fine on their own, are not to be combined. And companies go out of their way not to promote drunk driving.

This ad, by the way, comes from the wonderful Atomic Samba, a treasure trove of retro imagery and fun.

One doubts that this ad had any effect on the drunk driving landscape of the time; unfortunately drivers in 1957 didn’t need visual aids to encourage their dangerous activity. It wasn’t until the 1980s and the advent of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) that strong public action would place a real stigma on the practice of impaired driving.

And by then, Hertz had hired a spokesman named O.J. Simpson.

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