Man Leads Cops on Dump Truck Chase. Guess Who Won.

Your Hump-day Recess: Not Exactly a Brain Dump

dump-truck-chaseA dump truck has few advantages in a car chase. But it has one, and suspect Theodore Tamminga used it while being pursued by the police recently in Dodge County, Wisconsin. He raised the bed and dumped out dirt and rocks. No doubt that surprised followers.

But it didn’t help.

According to police reports, he lowered the bed afterwards, but continued to take dangerous risks, throwing things out the window and charging through a stop sign to evade the police. Finally he ran off the road and got stuck. What followed was exactly what you’d expect: an arrest and a charge of – big surprise – operating while intoxicated (OWI).

It’s predictable because this event involved not one foolish or criminal act – a dump truck chase – but a series of bad decisions, and alcohol is well-known for causing bad decisions. In this case, the decisions were driving drunk, not stopping for police, dumping debris on the road, blowing through a stop sign, speeding, and whatever incident he was wanted for that caused the police to go out looking for him in the first place.

Alcohol Inhibits the “Dumb Move” Alarm

By the way, there’s a scientific reason that drinkers mess up like this. Alcohol doesn’t exactly force you to make dumb moves. What it does is make you care less about the stupid moves you make.

You might know it’s a bad idea to try to outrun the police in a dump truck, but you just don’t care that much.

The effect is still the same: bad decision to drink and drive, followed (sometimes) by more bad decisions or sometimes – all too often – by crashes, injury, and death.

For this reason, the best response to OWI offenders is the ignition interlock, which prevents a vehicle from starting if the driver has been drinking. It cuts off the driver at the first bad decision. That’s why Idaho just became the 31st state to mandate the devices for all drunk driving offenders. Wisconsin should do the same.

Incidentally, the police officer mentioned that he’d never seen anyone dump dirt and gravel on the road. He had, however, seek a load of Skittles in a similar dump. That also happened in Dodge County, and the story is here. We have no idea whether alcohol was involved. And there’s no research indicating that Skittles affect decision-making one way or the other.

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